Cake Stall Tips

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Cake Stall Tips
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Whether you are organising a fundraising cake stall or just contributing to one we've got some great ideas to help you get organised on the cooking and presentation side.

Keep it Simple: Recipes
Remember you're trying to raise money, not enter a cake show. Try to maximise cheap and no fuss recipes to these ends. However, keep it interesting and edible to both adults and kids. You're aiming to take nothing home at the end of the event. Check out all our cake stall suggestions.
Take a simple recipe – like this Quick Chocolate Slice or some Anzacs then wrap a few in a cellophane bag tied with ribbon or string. It’ll dress up something that might otherwise look ordinary.
Cakes, Muffins and Loaves
There’s something about mini cupcakes and mini-muffins that everyone loves. Loaves are sometimes more attractive than cakes but don't shy away from making multiples of you favourite easy cake.
Other Individual Packaging Options
It may not normally be cooked or presented in patty cups, muffin papers, on paddle pop sticks or in ice cream cones – but see if it can be!
Keep it Simple: Icing
Transporting cupcakes or anything with icing can get messy. Either decorate by pressing nuts or other decorations etc into the top before cooking or try icing them when you're at the cake stall. Fill a Glad bag or sandwich bag with the icing at home, then once you’re ready, cut off a corner and pipe the icing onto the cakes on site.
Enticing Offers
Sell more by pricing in groups: ‘3 chocolate chip cookies for $1’ or ‘Muffins $2 each or 'Buy two get one free’. Make clear signs – they don't have to be large – so everyone, buyers and sellers alike, know the prices.
Bring Spare Small Plastic or Paper Bags
You can package items in different amounts – making packets of four, six or 12 items – but be prepared to break them up if needed, so have spare bags and tongs to deal with that.
Remember What Works
Any small, portable item is fair game. People should be able to eat what they buy with their hands, or carry it out in a bag. Anything that’s gooey, messy or delicate might not hold up and could be hard to transport. If it's really hot, have couple of eskies or chilly bins – with a little ice on the bottom that's covered well with plastic – for susceptible items.
Variety Helps
Try and organize within your group to have a variety of goods at your stall – just so you don't end up dozens of banana muffins and nothing else.
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