Homemade Christmas Food Gifts

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Homemade Christmas Food Gifts
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Christmas biscuits and gingerbread, truffles, fudge, jams, pickles - they're all relatively easy to make and with a ribbon here and some cellophane there, they also make great presents.
Don't stress yourself out trying to make the perfect food gift. Check out our suggestions below and go with the ones you know you find easy to make, or that you have easy access to the ingredients.

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Choice of Gifts
Your choice of food gifts is only limited by your judgement and imagination but it is best to avoid anything that is too fragile or gooey. If you're giving chocolates or similar, include a refrigeration tip on the card.
Presentation is half the gift!

Simple presentation and wrapping ideas include:
  • Cellophane and tissue paper are cheap yet perfect for this. Use cellophane to wrap chocolates, biscuits or jars. Tie with ribbon or string, add some bows or flowers.
  • Find bottles for jam, chutney and pickles in the back of your cupboard or at the op shop. They don't need to be identical or the same size. Just make sure they seal well.
  • Use small boxes to package your presents. Any small box will do; you can paper or collage over the design if necessary. Line them with tissue paper or cellophane.
  • Old biscuit tins also work well as packaging. You could cover up the old logo with your own logo or a Christmas card.
  • Check out all our Food Gift Ideas and get started on your unique Christmas gifts now.
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