Tips for a Halloween Party

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Tips for a Halloween Party
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Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Australia in the way it is in the US and the Northern Hemisphere. However, in Australia, smart kids – and some adults too – don't let seasonal and cultural differences get in the way of a good party, dress-up and lolly opportunity and Halloween is creeping into our culture a little more each year.
Want to have a Halloween party? Here's some ideas for a scarily fun time.

Halloween Kids Treats
Treats like these Rice Bubble Ghosts are easy and no-cook – except for melting the butter and marshmallows. You can make them flat like biscuits or as 3D stand up ghosts.
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  • Pumpkins!
    Carve a pumpkin or two. It's great for decoration and fun.
    Check out our How to Carve a Pumpkin article for tips.
    Crazy Cakes
    Turn plain cupcakes into a graveyard, spiders, mummy faces or whatever your imagination can conjure up.
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  • Halloween Drinks
    It's all about effect! Freeze liquid in a rubber glove and position the cold dead hand in a punch bowl like in this punch recipe.
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  • Trick or Treaters?
    You are better off getting fun-size bags of mini chocolate bars, freddo frogs or lollipops to hand out to trick or treating kids – especially if you are expecting a lot of them. But if you're having a party at home it's fun to make some crazy cupcakes, treats and drinks to help set the scary scene.
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