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About me

I am married with three children, aged 21, six and two, yes I had a big gap between children, I love cooking but hate housework hehe. I love driving and have driven taxis and school buses for a living for several years until I fell pregnant with my youngest son, and only gave up then because I am type two diabetic, and my doctors made me. Now I'm a stay at home mum and love every second of it, it is so rewarding.

Favourite things to cook
My favourite dish to cook is a seafood dish, which I 'borrowed' from a friend and ended up changing slightly. It has become one of my most requested dished to make for parties and dinners. My favourite sweet dish is a carrot, banana and pineapple cake, because it is so easy.
Family cooking traditions
When I was growing up my mum had a recipe which was a deliscious mince dish, called kai sai min, everyone seems to love it and it was always made when visitors were coming for the weekend, because it is so easy and goes a long way. My father was always the sunday cook, and always did the most yummy things in the old cast iron camp oven, to this day I don't know what I would do without my cast iron cookware, and my son is carrying on this tradition.
Cooking triumphs
Cooking tragedies

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